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True Blood: Alan Ball Talks Season 5 Finale, What Bill Is Now, and More

Alan Ball stepped down as "True Blood" showrunner at the end of Season 5, but he left a lot of questions, and fans don’t want to wait months before finding out the answers. Luckily, he spilled a few beans recently, including the surprising news that there will only be 10 shows next season. read more

Go Beyond the Black Rainbow on Blu-ray and DVD

You want strange, thought-provoking, and mind-bending madness? Look no further than Beyond the Black Rainbow. Magnet Releasing just released the details for its home video release so you’ll be able to see it for yourselves!read more

Pat Kilbane’s The Brain Eater’s Bible Prays for a Spot on Your Bookshelf

Looking for something to scratch your zombie itch while “The Walking Dead” is on a break? Check out The Brain Eater’s Bible: Sound Advice for the Newly Reanimated Zombie by Pat Kilbane (of “Mad TV”) and his zombie alter ego J.D. more

Thomas Ian Nicholas Eats His American Pie by The Lost Tree

No matter how ridiculous they got, we pretty much loved the entire American Pie franchise, and now one of its stars is ready to go from making us laugh to making us scream in the new indie feature The Lost Tree. Read on for more

New Teaser for The Walking Dead Season 3 Invokes the Resurrection

Another new (and brief) teaser for "The Walking Dead" hit the Net today, and of course we have it for you right here. Christ may have promised a resurrection of the dead, but did anyone think this is what he had in mind?read more

Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine Reveals His Newest Nightmare: Jack the Ripper

Fantastic horror photog Joshua Hoffine has been busy at work and has just revealed his latest project. Hoffine dug deep into the history of true crime and brilliantly selected Jack the Ripper as his newest more

New Promo Video for The Following

One show we’re really looking forward to around these parts is “The Following,” and after watching this latest Sky Atlantic promo video, we’re more jazzed than ever. Check it out now, and start following along as soon as possible!read more

Neatorama Has Time for the Dead on the Run

Picture if you will sitting in your room watching the seconds tick away. The zombie apocalypse is right around the corner and every moment could be your last! At such a crucial and intense instance of your life you can now breath a little easier thanks to some products from Neatorama!read more

Get Sweaty with the Official Trailer for 247°F

Get ready to strip down to your skivvies and get ready to shed your pound of flesh with the official trailer for 247°F. So get ready to sweat like a pig and check it out…read more

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